Podcast Hosting

What is podcast hosting?

Podcast hosting is like renting a special space on the internet where you can store all the episodes of your podcast. When you record an episode, you need a place to keep it so that people can listen to it.

Podcast hosting services store your episodes and help deliver them to listeners whenever they want to listen.

They also provide tools to help you manage your podcast, like creating an RSS feed that allows people to subscribe to your show on different podcast apps.

Think of podcast hosting as a home for your podcast on the internet, making it possible for people all over the world to tune in and enjoy what you have to say.

All Available Podcast Platforms
Ranking Platforms For Action
Buzzsprout (Editor’s Choice) OverAll TRY NOW
Captivate Beginners and Budget TRY NOW
Podbean Free and Monetize TRY NOW
Castos Hosting TRY NOW
Fusebox Smart Podcast Player TRY NOW
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