Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

For the majority of the products we evaluate and suggest on our pages, we receive commissions from affiliate links. Understand the meaning of it and how it doesn't affect the user or the information we provide.

Eventually, every website that wants to expand and get better must be able to bring in a consistent flow of income. And Blessprovision is no different. Although there are a few options for funding a website like ours, such as donations and advertisements, we chose the one that we thought would be least intrusive for our users. Specifically, links that are affiliates.

This is probably already known to you if you've used affiliate programs from sites like Amazon, eBay, or Fiverr. If not, there's no need to worry; we'll go into further depth below.

Why Are We Disclosing This?

We think that having open lines of communication with our audience is crucial to fostering positive relationships. As a number of our devoted readers have surely observed by now, we are harsh critics of businesses that use predatory tactics, and we always try to let users know about them. Indeed, since we are not required to write glowing reviews of the services provided by the businesses with which we are associated, this also very much applies to them.

We believe it is only right to practice what we preach and be as transparent as possible ourselves, especially when we are so harsh in our criticism of others' lack of transparency. By doing this, we wish to keep up our positive reputation in the sector and be recognized as a trustworthy source of information about the web hosting market.

Our Earnings Disclosure

Like a lot of other websites that evaluate and assess hosting providers, Bless provision from time to time is based on affiliate links to make money. Every time a reader uses one of our links to purchase a hosting service, we receive a tiny commission. These commissions are crucial to the continued operation of our website.

Affiliate links have no bearing whatsoever on our readers or the process by which we evaluate a service. Regardless of these ties, our main objective remains to objectively and truthfully analyze every notable hosting provider. We won't be changing that anytime soon.

We appreciate your support.

Affiliate Disclosure


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