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Thursday, June 13, 2024

AWS European Sovereign Cloud will get a €7.8 billion investment from Amazon Web Services.

AWS European Sovereign Cloud €7.8 billion investment from Amazon Web Services.

AWS European Sovereign Cloud will get a €7.8 billion investment from Amazon Web Services.

By 2040, Amazon Web Services (AWS) intends to invest €7.8 billion in Germany's AWS European Sovereign Cloud. This substantial investment demonstrates AWS's commitment to meeting Europe's demands for digital sovereignty.

By the end of 2025, AWS plans to open its first AWS Region in Brandenburg, Germany, as part of this effort. All clients will have access to this new area, giving them additional choices for cloud services.

It is projected that the investment will strengthen the local cloud community, increase productivity, aid in the digital transformation of businesses, broaden the AWS Partner Network (APN), and train workers in cloud and digital technologies.

AWS also hopes to support sustainable energy initiatives and have a beneficial influence on the areas in which it operates.

Through 2040, it is estimated that the entire investment will add €17.2 billion to Germany's GDP, supporting 2,800 full-time employees annually in regional German businesses.

Within the AWS data center supply chain, these positions cover engineering, construction, facility maintenance, and telecommunications.

In addition, AWS plans to recruit and hire highly qualified permanent workers, such as software engineers, systems developers, and solutions architects, to construct and manage the AWS European Sovereign Cloud.

This promise guarantees that all AWS European Sovereign Cloud operations, including data center access, technical support, and customer service, will be overseen solely by employees based in the EU.

Standalone cloud solution compliant with EU laws

With additional options to satisfy the changing needs of customers in highly regulated industries and public sector organizations, the AWS European Sovereign Cloud will be an independent cloud solution for Europe.

It will remain distinct from current AWS Regions while utilizing the robust infrastructure of AWS and have the same architecture, a wide range of services, and APIs that current users are accustomed to. Customers will thus be able to take advantage of AWS's superior performance, security, availability, and resilience.

The new cloud will have infrastructure entirely situated within the EU and run independently from current Regions, meeting strict EU operational autonomy and data residency standards. Customers will be able to keep all of their data and metadata inside the EU, offering a reliable way to comply with local laws.

Through its investments in jobs, skills, and infrastructure over the past 25 years, Amazon has made a substantial contribution to the economic development of towns and nations around Europe.

Over 150,000 people are employed by Amazon in permanent positions within the European Single Market, and the company has invested over €150 billion in the EU since 2010. Amazon's ongoing investment in the digital future of Europe and its unwavering commitment to the continent is further strengthened by the launch of the AWS European Sovereign Cloud.


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